About Us & Why We Matter...
A Bit About Us and Our Needs

CLC is an international missionary organisation made up of hundreds of individuals from many denominations. We are bound together by a common purpose: we desire to see people come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ and we believe that evangelical christian literature is an essential part in this process. 

CLC International (UK) is a registered charity and has been a major giver over the years to literature projects worldwide. This has been made possible by your purchases through our bookshops, wholesale and website, and by your giving.
In some countries the only Christian bookshops are CLC. Some of these shops are kept open and witnessing because of our support network around the world. 

Like most Christian organisations, CLC has two main needs: money and people.

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Why We Matter...

Christian retail through bricks and mortar bookshops in the UK is in turmoil. Our sales have been dropping generally in the UK for some time and one has to ask the question: how long can we continue to provide resources on our shelves for the customers we pray daily will come in to buy them but who - for whatever reason - do not appear?

We hope you can find a few moments to read about why we believe that CLC matters.

We’re not just a Christian bookshop but part of a global mission agency called CLC International, taking God’s word to 53 countries. What happens to CLC in one country affects our ministry in others. So when you choose to support us - and not just through your buying from CLC, but in your praying and giving too  - we praise God and give thanks that the Kingdom is expanding somehow, somewhere through our activities.

So how and where, then, does CLC matter?

  • We matter to the little boy in Freetown, Sierra Leone, who will learn to read from books in his school library where once there were no books at all. Over 17.000 Christian books and Bibles were supplied in 2011 to many school libraries thanks to a CLC UK initiative and to your amazing response.
  • We matter to the atheist in Paris who doesn't go to church, but she does visit the quaint CLC shop to see what others have to say about this God she does not believe in.
  • We matter to the transvestite in Venezuela who would most likely have killed himself in the bathroom of the bookshop if not for the love of God, the courage of our team and the aroma of Christ in our store that day.
  • We matter to the isolated pastor in Chile who walked for several days to get a Bible and learn how to prepare sermons from the unique chain references once developed by a man named Thompson – all at a training conference sponsored by CLC Chile.
  • We matter to the people of a country in Central Asia where decades of corruption, oppression and government control are still an everyday reality. The fact that the CLC shop is open at all may be the one ray of hope in an otherwise dark existence; it's a place where anyone can learn about true freedom in Christ.
  • We matter to the young person in England who has never been to church and sees more mosques being built than churches. He can still find a little shop on the high street proclaiming the truth of the gospel every day. An answer to any one of his nagging spiritual questions is just one book or conversation away.
  • We matter to the pastor of a church in Philadelphia, USA, who was preparing for his very first service and realised that he needed communion supplies. Like many busy bi-vocational people, he did not have time to get them during the week and we were his only source on the day before this momentous service.
  • We matter to the thief in Papua New Guinea who never thought he would get caught by an off-duty police officer in the CLC bookshop.  And he certainly had no way to expect that the manager would extend grace and forgiveness and lead him to the foot of the cross where he could find ultimate forgiveness for all his sins.
  • We matter to the Muslim cleric who has always wondered about the Bible and Jesus but had no safe way to investigate these questions. He can still ask these questions in a neutral location – a shop that sells copies of the very book he so desires to understand and where they listen and explain things to him patiently.
  • We matter to the Bible college student in Myanmar who is so grateful to be able to study God’s word. Because of the fervent faith, whole-hearted commitment and patient perseverance of the CLC team to help meet the needs of their own nation, he can now read and study Bible reference books in his own language. As he begins to plant a local church, he will be able to help his congregation grow with many new books being translated and published each year by CLC Myanmar (often with donated funds).
  • We matter to those who will become Christians and grow in their faith as a result of buying a book or Bible in Kenya from a Shop-in-a-Box. This is our current project in the UK: to raise funds and create sustainable bookshops from shipping containers. Crazy? Come and find out more and then decide!
  • We matter to those who on a daily basis find fellowship, solace, comfort, support, biblical advice and a listening ear in our shops right here in the UK.
  • We matter to those who leave our shops with just the right item for the occasion, having been helped and advised by someone experienced in their trade.
  • .... But do we matter to you? Enough for you to be the answer to the prayers of our staff that we can actually cover our costs? Enough that by keeping Christian bookshops open we can resource people and equip them for ministry, maintain a witness on the high street and direct seekers to local churches?

Since its inauspicious birth in wartime England 70 years ago, and despite overwhelming odds, CLC has been keeping the flame lit in Christian literature lighthouses all over the world. While others have responded to the call to make the gospel known in the hardest places through ministries of mercy, church planting or mass media, CLC has done it through the means of 'ordinary' and prayerful commerce on the high street and at Christian events from 21 towns and cities in the UK and almost 200 locations worldwide – one book and one life at a time. Whether from a tiny corner shop or a megastore, CLC bookshops offer spiritual thirst-quenching, life-giving water to a drought-stricken world. May the CLC of the future continue to reach the passer-by who perhaps would never dream of entering a church, but who will respond to a well-placed item in a shop window.

Thank you for your support of CLC in prayer, giving and purchasing. We need all three in each and every CLC bookshop around the country. Please sign up in store to receive our occasional newsletters about offers, new titles and local events.

Do pop in your local CLC bookshop and ask us about our activities around the world and in the UK. Get involved. There's plenty to encourage your faith and to pray for. And who knows? You could well leave with something to read or listen to that will help you or someone else grow and mature in their walk with the Lord. And we welcome your feedback as to how we could serve you better.

God bless you!

Written on behalf of the CLC International (UK) team,
Here to serve you and advance the Kingdom.

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CLC International (UK) is a Registered Charity, Nos. 1015793 & SC037939