CLC is at hand to supply the bookstall that you need

With bookshops from Inverness to Canterbury you can rely on CLC to supply a bookstall tailored to your requirements for any event, conference, service or gathering.
contact your local CLC bookshop or drop a line here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Keeping in touch with CLC

You can keep in touch with CLC by accessing the relevant pages on so that, for example, you can 

-- subscribe to CLC World (our free mission magazine)

-- pray for CLC ministries worldwide  

And all our shops have facebook and twitter pages. 
Just search for CLC Bookshops and then connect with the bookshop of your choice. 
There is also a generic facebook page for CLC Bookshops

Plus one for the charity as a whole CLC International (UK)
And one for CLC World magazine

We look forward to serving you and keeping in touch with you in the future.
Thank you again for your custom and support for CLC International (UK)!!


Here's something to consider: exclusive group access to CLC shops after hours.

Yes, what about you and a few friends getting together after hours at your local CLC bookshop for some extra fellowship and leisurely browsing and buying?? Why not have a short Bible study or other meeting at the shop and then follow it with a look at the shevles?

Why not think about the potential impact of such an evening and which of your friends, peers and colleagues could really benefit from this opportunity for spiritual growth!
The possibility of after-hours opening depends on local circumstances and the availability of staff (most of whom are volunteers), so you need to contact your local CLC bookshop to ask if we can make it work for you!

Be sure to sign up at your nearest store to receive occasional CLC updates and publicity
so you're kept informed of offers, new titles and gift ideas. You can sign up by phone, email, by letter or in person. To find your nearest store, click

If you, your group or your church would prayerfully consider supporting a CLC worker financially or in prayer, please contact me for further information. Our folks need both types of support. it's that simple.

Thank you for visiting us here on our Mission Website! And a bigger thank you if you shop with us. Besides helping to pay the bills, your purchases keep a place of witness and fellowship on the high street, something no online service can provide, and you enable us to contribute to literature ministry overseas where people are not as financially well-off as we are here in the UK. Yes, you can also buy online 24/7 at

Please let our staff know how we can improve our service to you, and PLEASE let them know when we do something that you are happy with!! A little encouragement goes a very long way!!

Our bookshops and warehouse offer a "sale or return" service for church bookstalls, Christian conferences, meetings and other events. We'd love to help you get reliable and relevant resources into people's hands and homes.
We have an attractive package for churches. Contact your nearest CLC store and ask about our Church Partnership Scheme, whereby the church, church leaders and the contact person for the scheme can all receive generous discounts on regular-priced items.

We look forward to serving you and encouraging you in your spiritual walk with the Lord.

If you know of any opportunity where a selection of trusted resources could be made available to enhance any event, meeting, conference or other special get-together, please get in touch either with me or with your nearest CLC bookshop. Or drop a line to this email address.  Thanks!



Have you ever considered praying about serving with CLC?

We have several VACANCIES for those sensing the Lord's call to a literature-based ministry.

The vacancies are also listed over on the OSCAR website. You will need a measure of personal financial support in most cases. Here's the link to click....

We wish to connect with Christians with a genuine passion for literature mission who wish to share their enthusiasm, experience and training in a wide range of roles and activities. If you believe that you have a skill and are attracted to the mission of CLC, contact us. 

We are a registered charity, a literature mission distributing Christian literature, Bibles, gifts and media throughout the UK and overseas through locally operated resource centres.  In the UK CLC operates 21 bookshops and is a wholesale distributor to the retail Christian trade, including online retailers. We also serve churches and organisations.

To grow the ministry even more , we are seeking people who share the vision and mission of CLC and who are able to bring strong management and leadership capability.  This could involve coordinating a team of volunteers and/or paid staff from Inverness to Canterbury and many points in between. Or it could be just you and a computer. If you have relevant business operations training and/or experience and believe you should now apply those skills into a ministry context please call and talk about your interest. 

We are keen to hear from you if you are excited about the possibilities of how you might fit into our mission. If you feel that this is you, then after reading below, send an email here for more details.

Please pass this information on to anyone who may have relevant skills and interest.

Funding for our fulltime volunteer staff comes from two main sources: while CLC can cover some domestic costs, friends, family, churches and so on supply the rest. A small non-guaranteed allowance is also available, public donations permitting. This support system has enabled us to make donations to many and varied book-related charitable organisations and projects around the world, plus the UK ministry has pioneered, developed and maintained several CLC ministries worldwide.
If you, your group or your church would prayerfully consider supporting a CLC worker financially or in prayer, please contact me for further information. Our folks need both types of support. it's that simple. And that necessary.

To send me an email, click here
Other contact details:
Phone: 0114 2812136
Write: Phil Burnham, National Director, CLC International (UK), 291 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1FJ

CLC International (UK) is a Registered Charity, Nos. 1015793 & SC037939