Pray without ceasing!! Thank you for praying for CLC ministries worldwide. Pray because more might depend on it than you know!

Since updates are easy and fast, there may be slight differences between these online CLC prayer/praise topics and what is available in printed form.

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As the our summer holiday season gets underway, many shops will be providing books for missions, holiday clubs and camps. Pray that God will use all of this material for His glory. Pray too for the shops and warehouse in general, when staffing is often tight over the summer as team members take holidays. Have you ever prayed about volunteering with CLC, by the way?

19-20 Sat/Sun. UK – Two CLC Shops in Birmingham 

Finally, after long delays, there will very soon be two CLC bookshops in the country’s #2 city. Pray for Neil MacLennan, the manager at the Carrs Lane shop, and his team as they work together in these days and coming weeks to establish the shop stock and systems, and as they promote the shop to the churches and Christians in the greater Birmingham area. Pray too for our original shop in Stephenson Street as it continues to serve the many passing customers who use the adjacent train station. 

21 Mon. Japan – Shop Closure
The decision has been made to close CLC Higashikurume in August. The manager, Chiharu Kamiya, and his co-worker, Mrs. Watanabe, will both be retiring. Thank God for the ministry of this shop over the years, and pray that He will bless and guide the staff as they move into a new stage of their lives.

22 Tue. Trinidad – Protection
“As we review the last few months, we are grateful to God for His keeping power. As the crime rate escalates in our country, one can develop a sense of fear. Recently a Senior Counsel was gunned down and we believe a list was found with a number of high profile individuals who will ‘be eliminated’. God has promised to keep our coming in and going out, and we will continue to be a beacon in this darkness.” Director for CLC East Caribbean.  

23 Wed. Trinidad – Distribution
We purchased some Bibles and distributed over a hundred copies in one of the ‘hot spots’ for crime and violence near Port of Spain. What was amazing was the fact that as they received the Bibles, some people opened them and started reading straight away! May God's Word take root in their lives. We thank God that all four CLC bookshops in Trinidad are doing well. 

24 Thu. Sierra Leone – Change in Leadership 
After serving as National Director since 2005, Jusu Wai Sawi will be leaving CLC at the end of July. We give thanks for Jusu’s dynamic leadership and pray God’s blessing on him as he will be seeking to serve the Lord, and some of Sierra Leone’s poorest communities, through another organisation. Please pray for his successor, Donald John. 

25 Fri. Venezuela – Obtaining Currency
Yohel Peña writes “We give thanks to God that after months of waiting, we have finally been able to arrange to buy foreign currency which has enabled us to pay off some debts to publishers in the USA. This was made possible because the government has recently introduced an alternative system for acquiring currency.” Please continue to pray for CLC Venezuela as the whole country continues to experience difficult days. 

26-27 Sat/Sun. UK – HTB Focus 2014
This week CLC is again providing the bookshop for the Focus conference, run by Holy Trinity Church, Brompton. Pray for Geoff Bearham and team as they travel to the Sussex coast to set up, run and then take down the bookshop. Pray that in the hard work and tiredness there will be joy and satisfaction as they advise and serve the customers, and (hopefully) listen to some of the sessions and join in the vibrant worship.

28 Mon. Barbados – Library Orders
We are thankful to the Lord for giving us another opportunity to supply the local Public Library with an order of books. We really appreciate this sale in these difficult economic times. Please pray that the books would be a source of blessing to those using the Library.

29 Tue. Kenya – Partnerships
With changing economies and trends, we need a change of strategy to ensure our sustainability. We are asking the Lord to open doors for other Christian organisations to partner with us in ministry. We hope and pray that this will be a paradigm shift for us.

30 Wed. Netherlands – Registration Process
“We are currently in the process of registering the CLC Bookshops and Publishing as a separate entity from the charitable foundation. We appreciate your prayers in this, because it requires some careful decision-making and paperwork.” Bertus Keuter, Director.

31 Thu. USA – Launch of a New Title 
“Pray for the successful launch, on August 5th, of a very important CLC publication entitled “Books that Change Lives”.  It is being produced in conjunction with the Parable Group of Christian bookshops. It is a vital resource for anyone seeking to develop a Christian reading habit. It has recommendations on the best Christian books to read, as well as an extremely valuable topical resource guide.” Dave Almack, National Director.

More global prayer & praise topics coming soon.

Thanks for praying and praising!!