Pray without ceasing!! Thank you for praying for CLC ministries worldwide. Pray because more might depend on it than you know!

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23 Wed. Swaziland - Changes on the Board
Steve & Lorraine Stavropolous, Trans World Radio missionaries in Swaziland for 35 years, are moving to Benin to serve with TWR from there. They have been a great help and support to CLC for many years and in various ways. Though they have been on the Board of CLC Swaziland only since last September, they have made a big difference in a short time! We will certainly miss them! Thank God we have three new people joining the Board, including the CEO of the local Bible Society. The efficiency of the Board is crucial in our ministry. Please pray for all these changes!

24 Thu. – International Office Trustees
Today there will be a meeting of the International Office Board of Trustees.  This group plays a vital role in overseeing the work of the International Office.  We thank God for all the time they give to CLC and for the skills they make available.

25 Fri. USA – Annual Conference
Please pray for the CLC USA team as they hold their annual conference on Sunday, April 27th and Monday, April 28th. One of our CLC authors, Pastor Tony Hart, will be the devotional speaker.  Pray for wisdom, unity and good times of fellowship for everyone.

26-27 Sat/Sun. UK – Canterbury
The CLC Canterbury team asks for prayer as they are seeing a significant decline in customer visits to the shop. There is a need for an additional staff member to help with shop outreach and networking with local churches and organisations. Pray that the right person comes forward.

28 Mon. Mexico - Distribution Commences
At the time of writing, it is hoped that CLC Mexico will be in operation by now. We anticipate working both in retail and wholesale in Mexico City. CLC Colombia is spearheading this project and at least one member of the Colombian team will probably move to Mexico.  Pray for the many details involved in starting a new work and praise God for this exciting opportunity.

29 Tue. Bolivia – Strength for Today (and Bright Hope for Tomorrow!)
Gamaliel and Marlene Padilla left CLC Venezuela to pioneer the CLC work in Bolivia. Please pray for them during this time of adjustment, especially as they have left families, including grown-up children, and friends behind. They have both had health problems recently and would value your prayers that God would give them the daily strength they need. Pray too for others to join the team as possibilities arise to extend the ministry beyond the city of Santa Cruz and the bookshop there.

30 Wed. Colombia - Two More CLC Shops
Our team in Colombia recently had the opportunity to acquire two bookshops in the city of Ibague.  The previous owners wanted to get involved in other ministries and asked CLC to take over. The work has already made a good start, but please pray that the staff of the two shops would soon feel part of the ‘CLC family’.  Pray for the two experienced CLC workers – Maria del Carmen Castañeda and Kike Aguirre – who have moved to Ibague to manage the bookshops.

More global prayer & praise topics coming soon.

Thanks for praying and praising!!